Cheap Promotional, Personalised & Custom Stress Key Rings

Key rings are one of the best gifts to give out as part of a promotional campaign. They’re small, inexpensive, easily personalised, and hugely practical. And of course, having your company name on a key ring will mean the recipient thinks of you every time they go for their keys!

As well as holding your keys (naturally) these key rings can be squashed, poked and generally fidgeted with whilst being held in your hand. They’re basically tiny little stress relievers – and we too can help you conquer that stress, as we stock them in multiple styles, shapes and sizes at low prices for your company. There’s something for everyone, whether you need a tyre key ring for your taxi company, a tennis ball key ring for your sports supply business, or a pencil key ring for your office supply shop.

In addition to personalising them with your company’s name and logo, we can also personalise them with individual names, to give as gifts to your staff or business partners. You can see our full stock below. You may also be interested in our regular stress shapes, or our even bigger range of other key rings!

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